Our Team

Consistent success for an organization can only be possible with dynamic team of Administrative Staff at the helm. For the Kovai Medical Center Research and Educational Trust a dedicated team of staff members in Administration, Finance, HR and other supportive services with rich experience and qualification are on roll to carryout various activities under the guidance of Chairman and the Managing Trustee. With their constant guidance and inspiring ideals, the Trust has grown by leaps & bounds, and promises to do the same in the years to come…

Our Team


01. Chief Executive Officer
Name: Dr.O.T.Buvaneswaran
Qualification: MA., M.Phil., MBA., Ph.D
Experience: 27 yrs
Email: drotbkmch@gmail.com
02. Senior Administrator
Name: Dr.M.Natesan
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., MBA., Ph.D.
Experience: 25 yrs
Email: natesantrust@gmail.com
03. Accounts Manager
Name: Mrs.C.Manonmani
Qualification: B.Com., CA
Experience: 32 yrs
Email: jaimanonmani@gmail.com
04. Admin Executive
Name: Mrs.S.Rameswari
Qualification: MBA
Experience: 18 yrs
Email: csrameswari@gmail.com
05. Admin Executive
Name: Mrs.S.Gokila
Qualification: M.A
Experience: 15 yrs
Email: gokilasubramanian@gmail.com
06. Senior Accounts Executive
Name: Mrs.S.Umadevi
Qualification: M.Com., M.Phil.
Experience: 18 yrs
Email: umaharshini26@gmail.com
07. Admin Associate
Name: Mrs.M.Mohanapriya
Qualification: B.A.
Experience: 12 yrs
Email: swtypriyaa@gmail.com
08. Admin Associate
Name: Ms. V. Sabari Nandhini
Qualification: MBA
Experience: 9 yrs
Email: sabarinandhiniv@gmail.com
09. Admin Associate
Name: Mr.R.Arundeepak
Qualification: M.A
Experience: 8 yrs
Email: arunkmcret@gmail.com
10. Admin Associate
Ramakrishnan KMCH
Name: Mr.R.Ramakrishnan
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 6 yrs
Email: arramakrishnan2009@gmail.com


01. Finance Controller
Name: Mr.P.Muruganathan
Qualification: M.Com., PGDFM
Experience: 29 yrs
Email: fc@kmch.ac.in
02. Senior Accounts Executive
Name: Mr.G.M.Thangavelu
Qualification: B.Com (CS)
Experience: 33 yrs
Email: thabas1963@gmail.com
03. Accounts Executive
Name: Mrs.R.Chandra


Experience: 21 yrs
Email: mitrasri2010@gmail.com
04. Accounts Associate
Name: Mr.P.Balaji
Qualification: B.Com
Experience: 9 yrs
Email: p.balajee86@gmail.com
05. Accounts Associate
Name: Mrs.K.S.Kavitha
Qualification: MBA., M.Phil
Experience: 9 yrs
Email: devikavimani@gmail.com


01. Senior Executive - HR
Name: Mr.P.Subash
Qualification: B.Tech., MBA
Experience: 7 yrs
Email: hr@kmch.ac.in

Construction & Maintenance

01. Purchase Officer
Name: Mr.M.P.Venugopal
Qualification: B.Com
Experience: 28 yrs
Email: kmch.ppd@gmail.com
02. Electrical Engineer
Name: Mr.S.Govindarajan
Qualification: B.E, MISTE
Experience: 21 yrs
Email: sgovindaranjan.eee@gmail.com

IT Services

01. IT Manager
Name: Mr.K.Panneerselvan
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 21 yrs
Email: itmanager@drngpit.ac.in
02. Web Designer
Name: Mr.V.Kavin
Qualification: B.E (ECE)
Experience: 7 yrs
Email: webdesigner@kmch.ac.in

Canteen Services

01. Mess Incharge - Men's Hostel
Name: Mr.R.Balakrishnan
Qualification: HSC
Experience: 24 yrs
02. Mess Incharge - Women's Hostel
Name: Mr.L.Raj Kannu
Qualification: ITI
Experience: 4 yrs
03. Mess Supervisor – Women's Hostel
Name: Mr.R.Sathish Kumar
Qualification: MBA
Experience: 7 yrs
Email: sadheeshkumar87@gmail.com
04. Store Assistant – Men's Hostel
Name: Mrs.G.Punitha
Qualification: HSC
Experience: 8 yrs

Transport Services

01. Deputy Manager - Transport Services
Name: Mr.P.Jayakumar
Qualification: BA.
Experience: 29 yrs
Email: jayakumarkmch46@gmail.com
02. Transport Supervisor
Name: Mr.K.Manikanda Prabu
Qualification: MBA
Experience: 3 yrs
Email: manikandanprabhu023@gmail.com

Housekeeping Services

01. Housekeeping Supervisor
Name: Mr.S.Kanagaraj
Qualification: ITI
Experience: 11 yrs
02. Housekeeping Supervisor
Name: Mrs.D.Maragatham
Qualification: HSC
Experience: 3 yrs
Email: maragathamdhanapal@gmail.com

Hostel Services

01. Chief Warden – Women's Hostel
Name: Mrs.R.Maragatham
Qualification: MA., MBA
Experience: 28 yrs
Email: rm2001k@gmail.com
02. Warden – Women's Hostel
Name: Mrs.M.Jayalakshmi
Qualification: M.Com
Experience: 6 yrs
Email: jeyakeerthi81@gmail.com
03. Warden – Men's Hostel
Name: Mr.R.Raju
Qualification: MA
Experience: 22 yrs
Email: pmrraju61@gmail.com
04. Warden – Men's Hostel
Name: Mr.K.Kathiresan
Qualification: M.Sc.
Experience: 13 yrs
Email: kathiresanster@gmail.com
05. Warden – Men's Hostel
Name: Mr.M.Kalaiarasu
Qualification: B.Sc., B.L
Experience: 3 yrs
06. Warden – Men's Hostel
Name: Mr. V. Vivekanandan
Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc
Experience: 11 yrs
Email:  vivekarul089@gmail.com